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The example below is a fictional project that has been included to help give you some ideas. Enjoy!


💻 Project overview

We're a small but growing sustainable living email newsletter and blog with a paid membership product, creating content about sustainable living. The newsletter is run by two people, but neither of us are designers or coders. We launched using a pre-built theme and branding which we created ourselves which has been great - but we feel like there is now some room for improvement to make our website more aligned with our lifestyle brand.

The main problem we're trying to solve is to increase the number of new subscribers we receive each month by creating a more focused landing page that fully explains our newsletter's value proposition.

We have a budget of $1,500 and would like to get the project completed as soon as possible, but we can be flexible on the schedule. We're mostly interested in working with the right person who can execute our vision to the highest standards.

🎯 Company profile and target audience

Our website can be found at sustainablelivingideas.net and we're using Ghost as our publishing platform, with the Edition theme. You can find more information about Ghost themes in their developer documentation, or by checking out open source themes like Casper on GitHub.

Our content

Target audience

Our free newsletter covers the latest news in sustainable living and weekly quick-tips that people can implement in their lives, such as timing showers or embracing car-free living, and product recommendations such as water-saving showerheads and reusable food storage.

Paid content is published twice per week and includes more detailed guides, tutorials, and videos for people who are serious about sustainability. For example, our most recent paid content includes recipes for making your own shampoo using natural ingredients and a how-to guide for growing your own herbs and vegetables in a small apartment.

We have 2,300 subscribers and growing, with 45 people paying for our $9/mo paid product.

Our audience is mostly young people who are deeply concerned with climate change and serious about making changes in their own life. They're looking for curated tips, tricks, and tutorials about all aspects of sustainable living.

We'll give you full access to the site content so you can get a good idea of our brand and content.

🏆 Goals and objectives

<aside> 💡 Tip: Add 2-3 sets of goals and objectives per project, and use these to outline the requirements that your developer will be working on delivering.


The main thing that we'd like to solve with this project is to attract more free subscribers.

We have a separate email newsletter strategy in place for converting more of our free subscribers into paid members.

Here's a breakdown of our goals, objectives, and the requirements we need your help with:

Goal: Update the overall brand design of our website.

Goal: Get more email newsletter subscribers.